Land & Farm Share Models

Mullumbimby Community Garden has recently received funding for local food projects.

Organic Farm Share is the first of its kind – a complete local food system, growing, processing and distributing fresh organic food to members (owners).

The Organic Farm Share model challenges current practices of food production & distribution and simplifies them. Organic Farm Share aims to regenerate land, supply highly nutrient dense food & minimise environmental pollutants.

Landshare in the UK has successfully matched landowners with gardeners in need of a garden plot.

Landshare brings together people who have a passion for home-grown food.

It’s for people who:

  • Want to grow veg but don’t have anywhere to do it
  • Have a spare bit of land they’re prepared to share
  • Can help in some way – from sharing knowledge and lending tools to helping out on the plot itself
  • Support the idea of freeing up more land for growing
  • Are already growing and want to join in the community

Landshare came out of TV’s River Cottage. It began when Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall helped some Bristol families grow veg on derelict council land. The experience was so inspiring that River Cottage decided to see if it would work nationwide. Now Landshare is a national movement of more than 50,000 people.

It began with the tiny seed of an idea – and it’s growing and growing.

Landshare International is now looking to start similar projects around the globe.

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